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Professional Credentials in Biosafety

For years the practitioners of biosafety have come from many different disciplines. It was usually determined that there was a need for someone to oversee the institution’s biohazards operations. It was a position born out of necessity and was usually given over to either a senior research scientist with some background in microbiology or to the “safety guy” with no background in biological work. The field of biosafety has become defined and refined over the years. Research has become very complicated with rDNA work and highly infectious organisms, the threat of bioterrorism, and emerging diseases. Many institutions now require that individuals overseeing biohazard and rDNA work be competent, educated, and have proper experience.

ABSA International offers a Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP) and certification Certified Biological Safety Professional (CBSP) program to recognize biological safety professionals.

  • RBP is by application and approval by an Evaluation Board.
  • CBSP includes a biological safety exam developed by ABSA International and administered by the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists [NRCM].

The NRCM is phasing out its examination process and no new applications will be accepted.

Discussions between ABSA and ASM have been initiated.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

RBP's who attended the 2016 ABSA International Conference

RBP’s who attended the 2016 ABSA International Conference

CBSP's who attended the 2017 ABSA International Conference

CBSP’s who attended the 2016 ABSA International Conference

A Registered Biological Safety Professional (RBP) is an individual with documented university education or specialized training in relevant biological safety disciplines. A RBP has an understanding of infectious diseases, their transmission, and the application of methods to safely control infectious materials in research, clinical, production, testing, educational, developmental, and other work environments. RBPs understand the need for and application of biological safety principles and practices. They have detailed knowledge of regulatory guidelines and standards impacting work with infectious agents and materials. A RBP has understanding of safe methods for manipulating, studying, producing, and containing infectious microorganisms and biological hazards. She/he maintains a level of professional knowledge current with new developments in biological safety. RBPs understand sufficient cell biology, pathogenic microbiology, molecular genetics, immune responses of hosts, and concepts of infectious transmission to enable them to apply safeguards to work with biohazardous materials, including recombinant DNA manipulation.

A RBP has “hands on” experience in biological safety program implementation and management and in the drafting, auditing, presentation, training and enforcement of biological safety practices. RBPs are dedicated to the prevention of occupational exposure to infectious diseases and recommend good faith compliance of their employers with all pertinent published laws and standards impacting biological safety in the work place. Registered biological safety professionals never condone work practices that place any employee or individual in imminent or predictable danger of infection.

General Criteria

  • Graduation from an accredited college or university1,2 with a Baccalaureate degree in a physical or biological science discipline, plus
  • Five years or more of professional biological safety experience acceptable to the Credentialing Evaluation Board.
  • Fellowship Programs such as NBBTP, GLRCE, MRCE, etc. will be considered at a rate of 10% of the total time spent in the program

In order to qualify as acceptable biosafety experience, the applicant’s principal responsibility must be to manage and/or direct a comprehensive biosafety program. Although biosafety program management does not need to be the applicant’s only responsibility, the applicant must demonstrate they’ve obtained the required number of years of hands on experience managing and implementing a comprehensive biosafety program. Typical biosafety program management responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, biorisk assessment and management (including hazard identification and risk assessment, management and communication), creating and conducting biosafety related training, establishing written biosafety programs policies, and procedures, developing and maintaining site biosafety manuals and exposure control plans, establishing and leading biosafety committees, reviewing project proposals and providing advice on biosafety issues, providing technical support to medical surveillance program managers, developing and supporting implementation of infectious waste management programs, developing and recommending biosafety practices and plans for biological emergencies, providing technical advice on shipping, importing and exporting biological materials and agents, auditing biosafety and/or biosecurity programs, establishing and managing programs for regulated agents and materials (e.g. HHS/USDA Select Agents and Toxins, Deemed Export, Commerce Control List) and developing site biosecurity programs and plans and conducting biosecurity risk assessments.

In addition, professional biological safety experience may be supplemented with laboratory experience gained through working with biohazards in a microbiology laboratory at a rate of 10% of the total time spent in the laboratory. For example, if an individual has worked for 5 years in a microbiology laboratory using biohazardous materials safely, 6 months of that time may be counted towards professional biological safety experience. Note: Only experience gained through using or working with biological agents and materials may be counted.

Substitutions or Modifications of the General Criteria

  • An earned Doctoral degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited college or university may be recognized in lieu of up to three years of the applicant’s required professional biological safety experience.
  • A Master’s degree in a relevant discipline from an accredited college or university may be recognized in lieu of two years of the applicant’s required professional biological safety experience.
  • Professional certification, licensing, or registration that required qualifications commensurate with those in the General Criteria, may be recognized in lieu of two years of the applicant’s required professional biological safety experience.

(Only one of the professional experience equivalents will be credited. Degrees must be completed at the time of application to be considered. If more than one professional experience equivalent is acceptable, the Evaluation Board will apply the one that provides the most credit.)

An applicant not meeting the academic requirements may, at the discretion of the Evaluation Board, be permitted to substitute approved biological safety experience for each academic year deficient, per the guideline below.

Substitution of biological safety experience for degree requirement:

Biological safety experience may be substituted for the basic academic requisite at the rate of two years (24 months) directly related biosafety experience for each of the four years of the required academic degree. If an individual does not have the requisite baccalaureate degree, he/she may substitute 96 months of professional biosafety experience in lieu of the baccalaureate degree requirement.

Note: Experience used in meeting the basic academic requisite cannot be applied to the professional biological safety experience requisite. This means an individual not meeting the requisite degree requirement noted above would need to demonstrate thirteen years of professional biological safety experience (eight years for degree equivalency and five years of additional experience) to meet the general criteria for registration.

Request for Reconsideration for Good Cause: Requests for reconsideration following rejection of Registration must be submitted in writing to the Credential Evaluation Board along with additional information requested by the Board. The Board shall review the applicant’s credentials, updated information, and the reasons for rejection. Results of the reconsideration will be issued in writing to the applicant by the Credential Evaluation Board.

Appeals Process:

Any denial of credentials may be appealable by the applicant one time per application to the, as follows:

  • If an applicant receives a denial of his or her application from the CEB, he or she may submit written notice to the CEB for reconsideration. If the applicant is not satisfied with the response, he or she may submit written notice to the ABSA President no later than 14 days after the denial is issued and request an appeal if the appeal is based on a factual and or procedural issue with regard to the review and denial. No other issues or matters shall be so appealable.
  • The President shall refer the matter to the Council. They will be provided with the necessary information to conduct an appeal review. The review will take place during a Council meeting with a quorum of Council members present. The Council shall only consider the factual and or procedural issues stated with particularity in the written notice and no other issue or issues.
  • If the Council confirms the denial, the decision is final and no other appeal process shall be available to the applicant. If the denial is not confirmed, the Council shall remit the matter to the CEB with recommendations on addressing any factual or procedural issues, along with instructions to conduct a re-review. If the CEB again denies the applicant, the decision is final and no further appeal is available.

Additional information and application forms can be obtained by writing to:

Credential Evaluation Board
ABSA International
1200 Allanson Road
Mundelein, IL 60060
(866) 425-1385


1. Accredited college or university means accredited by one of the following: Western Association of Schools and Colleges; Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; New England Association of Schools and Colleges; North Central Association of Colleges and Schools; Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges; or, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

2. For an applicant providing transcripts from a college or university outside the U.S. and Canada, course-by-course verification of the degree program will be required. Any evaluation company accepted by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( is acceptable to evaluate academic credentials.


Please read these instructions and the Procedures for Registration thoroughly before completing the application. The documentation you provide serves as the basis for the Evaluation Board’s evaluation. If the application is incomplete, it will be returned to you.

Allow ample time for your application and supporting reference questionnaires and academic transcripts to reach the Evaluation Board. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application and all supporting documentation is sent to the Evaluation Board.


  1. Draft Application: Prepare a draft copy of the application and keep it for your records
  2. Academic Transcripts: Academic transcripts are required to receive credit for your education. Transcript fees when required by the institution are to be paid by the applicant.
    1. Certified transcripts must be provided by the college or university directly to the Evaluation Board (student copies or other copies are not acceptable).
      1. Allow sufficient time for the transcripts to arrive (some institutions take 6-8 weeks to process transcript requests). It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that transcripts are submitted on time.
      2. If you are substituting experience for education and you are not having transcripts sent to the Board, write “NO” in the column entitled “Transcript Requested.” If there is no entry in this column, it will be assumed that transcripts were requested.
    2. For an applicant providing transcripts from a college or university outside the US and Canada, verification of the degree program including a detailed course-by-course report in English will be required. Any evaluation company accepted by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services ( is acceptable to evaluate academic credentials.
  3. Professional References: A minimum of two references are required to be completed and returned using the attached Professional Reference Questionnaire (MS WORD 631KB). One reference must be your current supervisor or, if you are a full-time graduate student at the time of application, a professor from your major discipline. If you are self-employed, it should be from someone familiar with your professional biological safety experience. The second reference may be anyone familiar with your biological safety experience.
    1. Be certain to list on the application only those references who will be submitting reference questionnaires.
    2. One reference must be the individual listed in the experience form as your current supervisor, except as indicated above for students or self-employed individuals.
    3. Provide blank reference questionnaires and return envelopes to all the references listed on your application.
    4. Allow sufficient time for your references to complete and submit their questionnaires. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that reference questionnaires arrive on time.
    5. The Evaluation Board may request additional references, if circumstances dictate.
  4. Professional Biological Safety Experience Form: Beginning with your present assignment, show a history of your safety career to date, accounting for all time during the last 15 years (or to your earliest employment, if less than 15 years) including any breaks or lapses in your safety experience.
    1. Provide sufficient details summarizing each position. Do not use this space merely to refer to an attachment, although you may use attachments to support your position summary.
    2. Complete a separate block for each position held, provide an estimate of the percentage of your time devoted to biological safety responsibilities.
  5. Final Copy: The final copy of your application for submission must be typewritten.
  6. Signature: Be certain that your signature appears at the bottom of page 2 of the application.
  7. Application Fee: The non-refundable application fee must be attached to the application (check or money order for $75 U.S. dollars drawn on a U. S. Bank, made payable to: ABSA International).


Application for Registration (MS WORD 654KB)
Biological Safety Experience (MS WORD 621KB)
Professional Reference Questionnaire (MS WORD 631KB)
Professional Development Course Work (PDF 149KB)
Application for CBSP/RBP Emeritus Membership (PDF 98KB)

Note to RBP Applicants from the Credentialing Evaluation Board

The initial step in registration is to complete and submit the application. Your application must show that your education and experience will make you eligible for registration as a Registered Biological Safety Professional (RBP). It is, therefore, most important that your application furnish sufficient detail to enable the Evaluation Board to make an adequate appraisal.

All directions must be followed. Failure to complete all parts of the application or failure to provide all of the necessary details will delay the evaluation of your application. Transcripts or an equivalency are required with all applications.

After the Evaluation Board has reviewed and evaluated your application, you will be notified with regard to the outcome.

There will be a maintenance fee of $25 for each calendar year after approval.

Certification as a Biological Safety Professional is available via an examination, developed by members of the ABSA and administered by the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists [NRCM]. Application requirements for the examination include submittal of transcripts, references and work history. Applicants now apply online and schedule their examinations at testing centers worldwide. Certification is a valuable step in professional development; the recipients are internationally recognized as having sufficient knowledge and experience to qualify as a Specialist Microbiologist in Biological Safety Microbiology (SM[NRCM]).

Upon successful completion of the NRCM examination, individuals will be invited by ABSA to apply for the designation of Certified Biological Safety Professional (CBSP). ABSA requires all applicants for the CBSP to meet the following experience requirements:

  • Master’s degree or doctorate with 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours in microbiology AND four (4) years within the past seven full-time, post-baccalaureate experience as a professional with at least 50% time spent in biosafety program management.
  • Bachelor’s degree (BS or BA) with 20 semester hours or 30 quarter hours of microbiology AND seven (7) years within the past ten full-time, post-baccalaureate experience as a professional with at least 50% time spent in biosafety program management
  • Bachelor’s degree (BS or BA) with 6 semester hours or 9 quarter hours of microbiology AND fifteen (15) years within the past twenty full-time, post-baccalaureate experience as a professional with at least 50% time spent in biosafety program management.One course (minimum 3 semester hours or 4 quarter hours) is required to be entitled “Microbiology”, “Pathogenic Microbiology” or “Medical Microbiology”, while the other credits may be earned from courses under the general rubric of microbiology as accepted by the NRCM.

The term “Biosafety Program Management” does not require service as the single biosafety officer, or as the sole person overseeing the program. Service as a member of a biosafety or EHS staff with significant biosafety responsibilities will qualify. Work in a lab writing biosafety SOPs does not qualify as service.


ABSA will review the experience qualifications of all candidates who pass the NRCM examination and who apply for CBSP credentialing to determine whether they also meet the ABSA CBSP experience requirements.

NRCM has identified courses which may satisfy the microbiology credit hours requirements. (see below)

For Information about eligibility, exam content, pass rate, practice questions, and test can be found at The application deadline is February 1. The exam is administered throughout the month of April at testing centers around the world.

NRCM Application Information and Application Form
NRCM Biosafety Exam Content (Domains)

Advanced Biosafety Training Series

These online modules target intermediate to advanced biosafety professionals designed for those studying for the SM(NRCM) exam. Each module will cover the essential elements of information formerly covered in the ABSA Certification Review Course at a level appropriate for those preparing to take the exam.

  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification: Infectious Agents, rDNA & Occupational Health Issues
  • Regulatory Aspects Pertinent to Risk Assessment: NIH Guidelines, Select Agents & Animal Biosafety
  • Facility Design & Large Scale Biosafety Issues
  • Disinfection, Decontamination & Sterilization
  • Work Practices, Equipment Biohazards and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Equipment, Biological Safety Cabinets & Bioaerosols
  • Regulatory Aspects, Standards, Guidelines, Institutional Biosafety Committees (IBCs) & Emergency Response
More Information and Registration

A Credentialing Maintenance (CM) Program has been implemented in order to assure that RBPs and CBSPs maintain their professional qualifications. The CM Program requires RBPs and CBSPs participate in professional development activities in addition to biological safety activities encountered through their daily job function. RBPs and CBSPs must meet the requirements of the CM Program to maintain their credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions – Credentialing Maintenance Program (PDF 368KB)
Please read the Credentialing Maintenance Program guide (PDF 350KB)
To find out when your cycle ends, please review the CBSP/RBP CM Cycle Assignments (MS Excel, 19KB)
Due to the ABSA Office by Feb. 1 following your cycle end date: Credentialing Maintenance Worksheets(MS Word 326KB)
If you need help, refer to the Sample Worksheet(PDF 479KB)
Recertified Biosafety Professionals who attended the 2016 ABSA International Conference

Recertified Biosafety Professionals who attended the 2016 ABSA International Conference

Beginning January 1, 2016, there will be a fee of $50 for ABSA members to recertify the RBP and/or CBSP credential (maximum of $50); $100 for a non-member to be re-credentialed for one or both credentials (maximum $100).

Please refer to the Professional Development Activities list for the CM Points and approval number required to be listed on the credentialing maintenance worksheet.

Credit for non-approved courses

If the course or meeting you have attended is not on the approved list, you may apply for credentialing maintenance credit by submitting an Application for Credentialing Maintenance Credit(PDF 318KB).

The NRCM Biosafety Exam Content (Domains)(PDF, 27KB)) is used as a basis for determining relevance to biosafety. The Board will notify you of the number of credentialing maintenance points awarded for the activity.

Upcoming approved courses

If you are in search of approved courses that will count toward the required Professional Development activities, online options and upcoming ABSA activities are available.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you feel you cannot recertify when your cycle ends due to extenuating circumstances please complete the form and submit to the ABSA Office prior to February 1 deadline for recertification.

Extenuating Circumstances Procedures and Form (PDF 252KB)
Policy on Unauthorized use of Credentials (PDF 122KB)
BROCHURE: Professional Credientials
in Biosafety (PDF 2MB)
Policy on Unauthorized
Use of Credentials (PDF 122KB)

Staff that achieve the RBP and CBSP designations demonstrate their personal commitment to excellence and greatly enhance the recognition and credibility of our Biosafety Program.

Becoming an RBP at the twilight time of my career makes me feel that my choices in seeking educational opportunities and training and amassing real-life experiences on-the-fly as this field became “a real job” was entirely worth it!

Current List of Credentialed Biosafety Professionals

Abbott-Permell, Ingrid, RBP, CBSP
Adamovicz, Jeffrey, RBP
Agar, Stacy, CBSP
Alderman, Scott, CBSP
Altamirano, Lorena, RBP
Altmann, Sharon, CBSP
Anderson, George, RBP
Anderson, Matthew, RBP
Anderson, Rebecca, CBSP
Aumoldayeva, Gulnara, RBP
Avizinis, Jessica, RBP
Bakanidze, Lela, RBP
Bakradze, Tea, RBP
Ballering, Katie, RBP
Balog, John, RBP
Barbercheck, Joseph, RBP
Baron, Julianne, RBP
Baugh, James, RBP, CBSP
Bavarat, Tammy, RBP, CBSP
Beacorn, Frankie, RBP
Bell, Theresa, RBP, CBSP
Bellaire, Bryan, RBP
Benjamin, Shannon, RBP
Betancourt, Jairo, RBP
Birnbaum, Angela, RBP, CBSP
Bivona, John, RBP
Blacksell, Stuart, RBP
Blair, Heather, CBSP
Blakeney, Sabina, RBP
Bogac, Tina, RBP
Bohn, Sherry, CBSP
Bolich, Laura, CBSP
Bosselman, Jennifer, RBP
Bourquin, Jessica, PhD, CBSP
Boyle, Thomas P., RBP
Branum, Jennifer, RBP, CBSP
Brocard, Anne-Sophie, RBP, CBSP
Brock, Mary, RBP
Brok, Anne Dombroski, RBP
Brown, Bruce, CBSP
Brown, Stephen, RBP, CBSP (Ret)
Brubaker, Alexis, CBSP
Buckley, Dana, CBSP
Burch, James, RBP
Burcin, David, CBSP
Burgener, Jyl, RBP, CBSP (Ret)
Burley, Lisa, RBP
Burnett, LouAnn, CBSP
Byers, Karen, RBP, CBSP
Campbell, David, RBP
Cao, Shi-Nian, RBP, CBSP
Cardwell, Marissa, RBP
Carruthers, Bridget, RBP
Caruso, Rebecca Ryan, RBP, CBSP
Casano, Jeffrey, RBP
Case, Stephen, RBP
Cavallaro, David, RBP, CBSP
Chaplinski, Nicholas, RBP
Chen Xiahong, CBSP
Chowdhury, Alefeen, RBP
Chute, Michael D, RBP
Cipriano, Mary, RBP, CBSP
Clark, Elisabeth, RBP
Clark, James, RBP
Clark, Stewart, RBP
Clark, Tracey, RBP
Clarkson, Adam, RBP, CBSP
Clay, LaTonya, RBP
Cohen, Barry, RBP, CBSP
Colliton, Raymond, RBP
Conley, Patrick, CBSP
Cook, Eric, CBSP
Cook, Susan, CBSP
Counts, David, RBP
Cox, Patricia, RBP
Cromheecke, Jessica, RBP
D’Angelo, Rita, CBSP
Dahl, Stephen C., RBP
Dalrymple, Madeline, RBP
Daniely, Danielle, RBP
David, Edward, RBP
DeBose, Sabrina, RBP
Deck, Steven, CBSP
Delarosa, Patricia, RBP, CBSP
Demick, Karen, RBP
Denison, Toni, RBP
DeSalvio, Michael, RBP
Dhawan, Gauarav, RBP
DiFurio, Sarah, RBP
DiGiandomenico, Kimberly, RBP
Dixon, Robert, RBP
Dojki, Maqboola, RBP
Downing, Marian, RBP, CBSP
Doyle, Thomas, RBP
Drazenovich, Niki, RBP,CBSP
Driskill, Colleen, RBP, CBSP
Duane, Elizabeth Gilman, RBP, CBSP
Dunn, Erin, RBP
DuPuis, Maureen, RBP
Easton, David, RBP
Edenfield, Michele, MS, RBP
Egan, Christina, CBSP
Eisenman, Daniel, RBP, CBSP
ElGendy, Atef, RBP
Elliot, Alexandra, RBP
Ellis, Maureen, RBP
Ellis, Robert, CBSP
Emery, Robert, RBP, CBSP
Espinola, Marcia, CBSP
Ettenger, Vera, RBP, CBSP
Fabregas, Eilyn, RBP
Falaminiano, Larivhie, RBP
Farland, Julien, RBP, CBSP
Faw, Heidi, RBP
Felis, Despina, RBP, CBSP
Ferman, Geoffrey, CBSP
Fernandez, Javier, RBP, CBSP
Ferris, Holly, RBP
Ferry, Deborah, CBSP
Field, William, RBP
Filfili, Chadi, CBSP
Fink, Richard, CBSP
Finkernagel, Scott W., CBSP
Finlay, Bruce, RBP
Finucane, Marcia, CBSP
Fischer, Matthew, RBP
Flesher, Janice, CBSP
Flint, Kelly, RBP, CBSP
Floyd, Karon, RBP
Follo, Janet, RBP
Fontes, Benjamin, CBSP
Fortune, Crystal, RP
Fox, Donii, CBSP
Franklin, Elise, RBP
Gage, Sherry, RBP, CBSP
Gamble, Rachel, CBSP
Gardiner, Lolly, RBP, CBSP
Gentilli, Shruti, RBP, CBSP
Gentry-Weeks, Claudia, CBSP
Gerber, Nicole, RBP
Gergis, Nasr, RBP
Ghosh, Sumit, RBP
Gilbert, Kathleen, CBSP
Gillis, Karen, CBSP
Gillum, David, RBP
Gilpin, Richard, RBP, CBSP
Girotti, Nicole, RBP
Glonti, Tea, RBP
Gmuender, Felix, RBP
Godoy-Tundidor,Sonia, CBSP
Gomez-Saladin, Eduardo, RBP, CBSP
Goodwin, Darin, RBP
Gordon, Frank, RBP
Green, Elizabeth, RBP
Griffin, Michael, RBP
Griffin, Yolanda, RBP
Guandique, Erick, RBP, CBSP
Hackney, Raymond, CBSP
Hall, Carolyn, RBP, CBSP
Haltiwanger, Brett, CBSP
Hamill, Frank Alexander, RBP
Harbourt, David, RBP, CBSP
Hardt, Jacqueline, CBSP
Harris, Kathryn Louise, RBP
Hart, Mary, RBP, CBSP
Hauck, Philip, RBP, CBSP
Hawley, Robert, RBP, CBSP
Healey, Jessica, RBP, CBSP
Helgerson, Amy, RBP
Helm, R. Allen, RBP
Henneman, John, RBP
Henry, James, RBP
Hoe, Nancy, CBSP
Hoffman, Sunny, RBP
Hofherr, Leslie, RBP, CBSP
Holeman, Penny, RBP, CBSP
Holthausen, Robert, RBP (Ret)
Holtzclaw, Rhonda, RBP
Homer, Lesley, RBP, CBSP
Homovec, William, CBSP
Hopp, Torsten, RBP
Hoskins, Hallie, RBP, CBSP
Howard, Deborah, CBSP
Huang, Mei-Chuan, RBP
Huey, Marcy, RBP
Hung-Cunliffe, Su-Hwi, RBP, CBSP
Hunt, Debra, CBSP
Hwang, Changhwa, RBP
Hynes, Steve, RBP
Ikram, Aamer, RBP
Jacobs, Jolanta, RBP, CBSP
Jenkins, Christopher, RBP
Jennette, J. Paul, RBP
Jennette, Paul, RBP, CBSP
Jeppesen, Eric, RBP, CBSP
Johanson, Richard, CBSP
Johnson, Barbara, RBP
Johnson, Brynte, RBP, CBSP
Johnson, Christine, RBP
Johnson, Julie, CBSP
Johnson, Michele, RBP
Jones, Martin, RBP
Jones, Shelley, RBP
Jorgensen, Shelley, RBP
Joseph, Kathleen, RBP
Joseph, Tessy, RBP
Jouravel, Natalie, RBP
Judge, Sharon, RBP
Juergensmeyer, Margaret, RBP
Karwoski, Merja, RBP
Keaton, Jason, RBP, CBSP
Keene, John, RBP, CBSP
Quagliana, Kindra, RBP
Kelly-Kercher, Lisa, CBSP
Khan, Gausiya, RBP
Kim, Michael, RBP
Kinsey, Melina, RBP, CBSP
Klenner, James, RBP, CBSP
Kline, Stuart, RBP
Kotkar, Shalaka, CBSP
Kozlovac, Joseph, RBP, CBSP
Kraemer, Stacey, RBP, CBSP
Krasny, Kathy, RBP
Krishnan, Jay, CBSP
Krishnan, Partha,RBP
Kupskay, Betty, RBP
Kutz, Stephanie, RBP
LaCroix, Steven, CBSP
LaDuc, Judy, RBP
Landon, V. Paul, RBP
Lawrence, Rashida, RBP
Lawson, Cristine Campos, RBP
Lawson, Sarah, RBP, CBSP
Lebansky, Rachel, CBSP
Leitch, Cara, RBP
Leonard, R. Thomas, CBSP
Liljendahl, Lillian, CBSP
Lindstrom, Jo-An, RBP
Lloyd, Eileen, RBP
Lubick, Kirk, RBP
Maccree, M. Malendia, RBP
Maes, Nyree E. , RBP
Mahalakshmi, RN, RBP
Maier, Tamara, RBP
Maksymowych, Andrew, RBP
Mark, Laura, RBP
Markopoulos, Marjorie, RBP
Marth, Theresa, RBP
Martin, Kevin, RBP
Martin, Kirk, RBP
Martin, William, RBP
Matos, Bethzayda, RBP, CBSP
Matos, Betsy, RBP, CBSP
Matthews, David, RBP, CBSP
Mayer, Malissa, RBP
Marshall, Jeffrey, CBSP
Mazurova, Oxana, RBP
Mazzetti, Delena, RBP
McAbee, Sarah, RBP
McCarthy, Travis, RBP
McConnell, Lorraine, CBSP
McConville, Michelle, RBP
McCormick-Ell, Jessica, RBP, CBSP
McGhan, Carol, CBSP
McGirr, Rebecca, RBP
McKinney, K. Patrick, RBP
McKinney, Michelle, CBSP
McNab, Gaitree, RBP, CBSP
McNair, Tamara, RBP
Mead, Nancy, CBSP
Meechan, Paul, RBP, CBSP
Mendoza, Irene, RBP
Mendoza, Laurence, RBP
Meyer, Esmeralda, RBP
Michlowski, Melissa, RBP
Miele, Michele, RBP
Mildiner-Early, Shirly, RBP, CBSP
Miles, Michael, RBP
Miller, Leslie, RBP
Milton, Kara, RBP
Minogue, Jennifer, RBP
Moonier, Nena, RBP
Morgan-Brose, Megan, CBSP
Moritz, Rebecca, CBSP
Morland, Melissa, RBP, CBSP
Moss, Darren, RBP
Muller, Timothy, CBSP
Mulligan, David, RBP
Murray, Krista, RBP, CBSP
Murray-Wijelath, Jacqueline, RBP
Myatt, Theodore, RBP
Myrick, Christy, RBP
Nair, Maya, RBP
Nelli, Luca, RBP
Nelson, Brandy, CBSP
Newby, Deborah, CBSP
Newman, Addie, RBP
Newton, JeT’Aime, RBP
Newton, Laura, RBP, CBSP
Nielsen, R. Barton, RBP
Njongmeta, Leo, RBP, CBSP
Nolan, Dennis, RBP, CBSP
Novembre, Francis, RBP
Ntiforo, Corrie, RBP
O’Keefe, Rhonda Wilson, CBSP
O’Leary, Maureen, CBSP
Olinger, Patricia L., RBP
O’Shea, Brian, CBSP
Owen, Barbara, RBP, CBSP
Owens, Benjamin, CBSP
Owens, Jeffrey, CBSP
Page, Heidi, RBP
Paquette, Nicholas, CBSP
Parinandi, Carrie, RBP
Parsons, Elizabeth, RBP
Patlovich, Scott, CBSP
Pawlowski, David, RBP
Pearce, Ericka, CBSP
Perman, Benjamin, RBP
Peshimam, Arif, RBP
Petuch, Brian, RBP, CBSP
Phillips, Geoffrey, RBP
Philpott, Matthew, RBP
Piccone, Maria, RBP
Pierce, Amy T., RBP
Potts, Jeffrey M., CBSP
Prat, Esmeralda, RBP
Preseau, Tina, RBP
Preston, Francine, RBP, CBSP
Puskas, David, RBP
Qasmi, Shamsul Arfin, RBP
Qian, Jolly, RBP
Quenee, Lauriane, RBP
Qureshi, Shahida, RBP
Ragan, Angela, CBSP
Ranger, Brian, CBSP
Rasmussen, Robert, RBP
Rayadurg, Vajayasmitha, CBSP
Razukiewicz, Amy, RBP
Reay, Elizabeth, RBP, CBSP
Rebar, Richard, RBP, CBSP
Reed, James Craig, RBP
Reeves, Beth, CBSP
Rengarajan, Kalpana, RBP
Rera, Susan, RBP
Richmond, Jonathan, RBP (Ret)
Ridley, Bettye, RBP
Robertson, Jennifer, RBP
Rodriguez, Marivonne, CBSP
Rogers, Francine, RBP, CBSP
Rubin, Marc, RBP
Rusk, J. Scott, RBP
Ryan, Amy Q., RBP
Sabolefski, Mary, RBP
Sallee, Anne, RBP, CBSP
Sambol,Anthony RBP,CBSP
Santacroce, Jill, RBP, CBSP
Savely, Susanne, RBP
Sawyer, Megan, RBP
Saxena, Anil K., RBP
Sayers, Kevin, RBP
Schabacker, Daniel, RBP
Schabauer, Esther, RBP
Scheetz, Raymond, RBP
Schneerman, Martha, CBSP
Schnell, Tara, RBP
Schnieder, Jo, RBP
Scholl, Rebecca, RBP
Schueller, Nathaniel, CBSP
Schwartz, Cynthia, RBP
Sciulli, Rebecca, RBP
Seneviratne, Sarath, RBP, CBSP
Sentissi, Jami, RBP
Shahkarami, Mahtab, RBP
Sharpe, Debra, RBP
Shaw, Dennis, RBP
Shaw, Karen, RBP
Sheets, Channing, RBP
Sheppard, Jeffrey, RBP
Shigematsu, Mika, RBP
Sibley, Don, RBP
Siddiqi, Noman, RBP
Siegel, Dina, CBSP
Sieradzki, Christopher, RBP
Simons, Robert “Tad”, RBP
Smith, Carrie, RBP, CBSP
Smith, Erin, RBP
Smith, Gregory, RBP
Smith, Judith, RBP
Smith, Malcolm, RBP
Smith, Mylissa, RBP
Soares, Mario, RBP, CBSP
Soethe, Melinda, CBSP
Souder, Susan, CBSP
Spath, Iwona, RBP
Spencer, James, RBP
Sreedharan, Aswathy, RBP
Stammer, Richard, CBSP
Staugard, Per, RBP, CBSP
Steelman, Eric, RBP
Stinnett, Therese, RBP
Stitt-Fischer, Molly, CBSP
Stockton, Patrick, RBP
Stringer, Yolanda Arriaga, RBP, CBSP
Stuart, Tyler, RBP, CBSP
Sturgis, Timothy, RBP
Tafoya, Christine, RBP
Tang, Rueyjing, CBSP
Taylor, Deborah, RBP
Thompson, Christina, RBP, CBSP
Tocher, Paul, RBP
Tonkiss, John, CBSP
Tonui, Willy, RBP
Trucks, Holley, RBP
Trundy, Robin, RBP, CBSP
Tun, Tin, RBP
Valigosky, Michael, RBP
van Duin, Lisa, RBP, CBSP
Vleck, Susan, RBP
Vogler, Amy, RBP
Wagener, Stefan, RBP, CBSP
Waggoner, Charlotte, RBP, CBSP
Wallace, Ronald, RBP
Wang, Donald, RBP, CBSP
Ward, Darlene, RBP
Warner, John, RBP
Weekly, Susan, RBP, CBSP
Weese, Joleen, RBP
Weirich, Elizabeth, CBSP
Welence, Craig, CBSP
Welmaker, Elizabeth, RBP
Whetstone, Carol, CBSP
White, David, RBP
Wilde, Margaret, RBP
Wilhelmsen, Catherine,CBSP
Wilson, Deborah, CBSP
Wilson, Zachary, CBSP
Wong, Wing, RBP, CBSP
Wooldridge, Lisa Jan, CBSP
Wooley, Dawn, RBP, CBSP
Xian, Vivian, RBP, CBSP
Yeakle, Kristie, RBP
Yemoto, Cheryl, RBP, CBSP
Yousef, Samar Tadros, CBSP
Zhu, Pelli, RBP
Ziegenfuss, Steven, RBP
Ziegler, Sarah, RBP
Zweifel, Adrienne, RBP