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Online Education

Advanced Biosafety Training Series

The Advanced Biosafety Training Series is an intermediate to advanced, self-paced online offering, designed for those studying for the CBSP exam, as well as those biological safety professionals who are interested in advanced training.


Basic Biosafety On-demand Module

Basic Biosafety is an on-demand module designed to provide guidance on the basic principles and practices of biological safety for biosafety professionals, biosafety officers, and other professionals involved in workplace safety in laboratories and facilities throughout the world. The module contains 5 sections; Defining the Biosafety Profession, Basic Risk Assessment, Hazard Control, Introduction to Chemical Decontamination, and Biosafety Resources. This guided module contains information needed in order to be successful in these positions.   In addition, the module will provide basic direction to laboratorians on how they may work more safely with biological hazards. Further, this module will include available resources, additional training opportunities and contacts relevant to the field of biosafety to aid in knowledge acquisition for those located in laboratories and facilities around the globe.


ABSA Learning Verification Opportunities

The Certification Maintenance Board has pre-approved the use of various ABSA publications as a means of acquiring credentialing maintenance points for the completion of a quiz.  These are online educational opportunities that can be accessed via your computer at your leisure.