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Zika virus; What is the Risk Assesment

Zika virus is a new and emerging pathogen that is impacting many people across the Americas. With the increased drive for an effective treatment, Zika virus research will be increasing in many laboratories. The biosafety risk assessment will be important to guide safe work practices when tackling this new agent.


Ebola, one year later

One year ago the largest Ebola outbreak began in March of 2014 the public Health authorities of Guinea reported an outbreak of Ebola. Now, in April 2015, more than 25,000 suspected cases of Ebola have occurred. This outbreak, while centered in Western Africa, has touched the lives of many around the world. Unfortunately, case counts are still rising and people are still dying from the disease.


MERS Not New to Camels

MERS virus continues to be a puzzle that scientists are racing to put together. The latest piece of the MERS puzzle is camels and it dates back for 20 years. MERS virus has now been confirmed in 189 people, 82 of which died from the disease.