ABSA International’s 1st Biosecurity Symposium


When: May 12-15, 2020

Where: Minneapolis, MN

Why is ABSA getting involved in holding this symposium and creating a credential?

ABSA International is “The Association for Biosafety and Biosecurity.” As science becomes more interdisciplinary, recognizing and defining the synergistic roles of biosafety and biosecurity have never been more paramount. ABSA currently supports an international, credentialed work force with expertise in mitigating the biosafety risks associated with life sciences research, pharmaceutical production, education, and other industries. ABSA recognizes that as technology advances and national security remains a concern, there is a substantial and ever-increasing need for biosafety professionals to focus on biosecurity. ABSA is taking the lead on this vital issue by holding the 2020 biosecurity symposium and instituting a professional credential to establish a common base of technical knowledge and a foundation on which to advance thoughtful leadership.

The 2020 ABSA International Biosecurity Symposium will galvanize and bring together biosecurity professionals from a wide range of disciplines with varying expertise to share their experiences, knowledge, and learn from others. The agenda will address agricultural and food safety, cybersecurity, personnel reliability, physical security, responsible communication with internal and external stakeholders, and research that can potentially be misused. The symposium will offer attendees an opportunity to have thought-provoking conversations about real-world biosecurity scenarios. A segment on new and emerging topics in biosecurity will also be featured. The Symposium will consist of papers, presentations, keynotes, posters, networking opportunities, and exhibits.

What is biosecurity? Biological security, biosecurity, is the risk- and threat-based control measures established to prevent the unauthorized access, misuse, loss, theft, diversion and intentional release of valuable biological materials, pathogens, toxins, information, expertise, equipment, technology and intellectual property that have the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, plants, the environment, public safety or national security.

Who should attend? Biosafety and biosecurity professionals, defense contractors, emergency responders, government employees, law enforcement personnel, security personnel, policymakers, regulators, researchers, students, and other interested parties.

Sponsorships Available! If you interested in being a sponsor of this event please contact the ABSA Executive Director, Ed Stygar, at ed@absaoffice.org. We are looking for sponsors to help support keynotes, invited speakers, and symposium events.