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Example Exercise Plan (MS Word 23KB)

Target Audience: Person in charge of running exercises

At the end of training students will be able to...
1. Define purpose and scope of exercise
2. Define exercise objectives
3. Idenfity planning team, evaluators, and players for the exercise
4. Design script
5. Log relevant outcomes and recommendations for program improvements

Form designed to facilitate the design, conduct, and evaluation of exercises and drills conducted for compliance with select agent program requirements

Example Exercise Program (MS Word 47KB)

Target Audience: Those responsible for design and implementation of exercises and drills

At the end of training students will be able to...
1. List entity specific functions that should be exercised
2. List entity specific hazards or events that should be tested
3. Set priorities for conducting exercises and drills to test functions and capabilities

Template for capturing and prioritizing the capabilities, events, and procedures that should be tested as part of a comprehensive exercise program for the select agent program.

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