Shared Interest Groups (SIG)

DESCRIPTION: Shared Interest Groups (SIG) are groups within ABSA to discuss issues and share information of sub disciplines within Biosafety. Groups will have the availability of a SIG specific listserve for constructive discussion.

HOW TO APPLY: A group of ABSA members can request a formation of a SIG. They need to define purpose of the SIG, how it relates to ABSA, and have 25 ABSA members sign to support and participate in the SIG. The SIG committee reviews the request and determines if it is a relevant interest group according to ABSA's membership makeup and ABSA's mission. The SIG Committee reviews the request and then they send it to Council for approval. After a SIG is formed, it will be publicized to membership and a listserve for the SIG will be formed. ABSA members are free to join any SIG. Only ABSA members can join a SIG.



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