Arnold G. Wedum Memorial Lecture Award

Past Recipients

2015 - Nancy Connell, PhD, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ
      Title of Lecture: Developing a Culture of Awareness; Biological Arms Control, Dual Use Research, and Responsible Conduct of Science
2014 - Mark Kay, MD, PhD, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
      Title of Lecture: Nucleic Acid Based Therapeutics
2013 - Michael Emerman, PhD, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA
      Title of Lecture: Paleovirology: How Ancient Events Shape Modern Virus Pandemics in Humans
2012 - Mark R. Denison, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN
      Title of Lecture: SARS Ten Years Later: Lessions for Science and Safety
2011 - Paul S. Keim, PhD, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
      Title of Lecture: Genomics and a New Age in Global Disease Tracking
2010 - David Relman, MD, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
      Title of Lecture: What, me worry? Biosecurity in a time of biological revolution.
2009 - Guangping Gao, PhD, University of Massachusetts
      Title of Lecture: AAV Biology and Biosafety
2008 - TeckMean Chua, Asia-Pacific Biosafety Association
      Title of Lecture: Integration of a Global Biosafety community-Overcoming Biosafety Challenges in the Asia Pacific Region
2007 - Nicoletta Previsani W. Emmett Barkley, PhD, World Health Organization
      Title of Lecture: World Health Organization
2006 - John Howard, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, NIOSH
      Title of Lecture: Nanotechnology and Risk: The NIOSH Perspective
2005 - Dennis Kasper, Harvard Medical School
      Title of Lecture: A Glimpse into the Molecular Basis for Symbiosis between the Intestinal Microflor and the Mammalian Immune System
2004 - Heniz Feldman, PhD, Canadian Science Center for Human and Animal Health
      Title of Lecture: The Role of Field Diagnostics for Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Diseases
2003 - David Magnus, MD, Stanford University
      Title of Lecture: Ethical Issues in Confinement of Genetically Engineered Organisms
2002 - Thomas M. Folks, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
      Title of Lecture: Occupational Exposures to Retroviruses
2001 - Elizabeth Neumeir, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals
      Title of Lecture: Safety Considerations in the Production of World Supply of Influenza Vacine
2000 - Peter J. Gerone, Tulane Primate Research Center
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety, Now and Then
1999 - Kirsty Duncan, University of Windson
      Title of Lecture: Searching for the Secrets of Spanish Flue in Svalbard, Norway
1998 - Nancy K. Jaax and Jerry Jaax, USAMRIID/University of Kansas
      Title of Lecture: Experience in the Hot Zone-A Case Study in Emerging Disease Issues and Management
1997 - Stanley B. Pruisner, University of California, San Francisco
      Title of Lecture: Biology and Genetics of Prions
1996 - William C. Patrick, Consultant to US on Biological Warfare
      Title of Lecture: Overview of the Old United States Biological Weapons Program
1995 - Thomas Walton, National Animal Disease Center
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety and Biocontainment: A View from a Users' Perspective
1994 - Christopher Collins, Kent, United Kingdom
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety: The European Perspective
1993 - Julia K. Hilliard, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
      Title of Lecture: B Virus Zoonosis in Humans: A Current View
1992 - Seymour Block, University of Florida
      Title of Lecture: Historical Review of Disinfectants
1991 - Peter Wright, Vanderbilt University
      Title of Lecture: Lessons from Druidry: The Art and Science of Vaccinology
1990 - Walter Dowdle, Centers for Disease Control
      Title of Lecture: Management Perspectives in Biosafety
1989 - John Richardson, Emory University
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety in Hindsight-Fifty years of Progress and a Few Notable Failures
1988 - Maxine Singer, Carnegie Institute
      Title of Lecture: Junk Genomes
1987 - Robert E. Shope, Yale University
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety Concerns in Arbovirology
1986 - Howard W. Larsh, Oklahoma University
      Title of Lecture: Fungi: Interesting, Remarkable and Extremely complicated
1985 - Renato Dulbecco, Salk Institute
      Title of Lecture: Risks and Containment of Viruses
1984 - Donald E. Gardner, Northrop Services Inc.
      Title of Lecture: Pulmonary Infections in a Compromised Host
1983 - Peter W. A. Mansell, MD Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute
      Title of Lecture: AIDS
1982 - W. Emmett Barkley, National Institutes of Health
      Title of Lecture: Biosafety-A Discipline in Transition
1981 - Fred C. Davidson, University of Georgia
      Title of Lecture: Responsibility for Scientific Response to Nonscientific Judgements in the Public Arena
1980 - Riley D. Housewright, NAS
      Title of Lecture: Safe Drinking Water and Health
1979 - Clarance J. Gibbs, Jr., National Institutes of Health
      Title of Lecture: Slow Viruses
1978 - W. F. Kirchheimer, U.S. Public Health Service
      Title of Lecture: Recent Advances in Experimental Leprosy
1977 - Karl M. Johnson, Fort Detrick
      Title of Lecture: Andromeda's Kitten: Class 4 Viruses in a Modern World

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