ABSA Update

ABSA Denver Conference

We would like to thank the hundreds of volunteers that contributed to the success of the ABSA Annual Conference in Denver! We hope that everyone enjoyed the courses, presentations, exhibits, and networking. We posted some of the conference presentations, and videos of the President's Address and Griffin Lecture at http://www.absaconference.org/pastcon53program.html.

ABSA hosted its first "Affiliate and Biosafety Association Workshop" in Denver. The presentations and resources from the workshop can be viewed at http://www.absa.org/affresources.html.

If you would like to purchase any recordings of the ABSA Denver conference presentations you can go to http://www.dcprovidersonline.com/absa/.

ABSA Council

President: Karen Byers

The ABSA Council had a productive meeting at the ABSA Annual Conference in Denver, below are some highlights:

Defining the Profession Team

Team Leader: Ray Hackney

Credentialing Maintenance Board

Chair: Krista Murray

Those CBSPs and RBPs who are scheduled to recertify at the end of 2010 should begin gathering their certification maintenance documentation. The lists of recertification cycles are available on the CBSP and RBP ABSA webpages at http://www.absa.org/biomenu.html  if you need to check your recertification date. Please also submit any courses or activities which must be reviewed for Certification Maintenance points as soon as possible, but prior to the end of this year. The applications for CM course review and for recertification are available on the website. A new version of Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Recertification have been posted. If you have any questions regarding the recertification process, please contact the Credentialing Maintenance Board Chair, Krista Murray, at [email protected] or 302-831-1433.

Management Team

Team Leader: John Balog

Awards Committee

Chair: Judy LaDuc

The Wedum and Hanel Honor Awards were presented at the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, October 6, in Denver, Colorado. The Knudsen and Gross Awards were given to the winners on the podium and they presented their topics as a portion of the Symposium. If you are interesting in joining the ABSA Awards Committee, contact the ABSA Office at [email protected]. Also, the Awards webpage was recently updated and can be viewed at http://www.absa.org/bioawards.html.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Bob Ellis

We had an excellent ballot; ABSA was going to win no matter who was elected. This is as it should be, in an organization like ours. Electronic ballots worked very well, there were not any complaints and many positive comments about the electronic ballots. If there was some way to get members to vote, all would be well! I doubt that the outcome would be different, it just would look better if even 40% instead of less than 25% voted. Please email the ABSA Office at [email protected] if you have any suggestions on increasing voter turnout.

Bob Ellis reports that chairing the Nominating Committee is a fun experience. Diane Johnson from the ABSA Office does a great job of keeping the Nominating Committee moving forward and following the policies and procedures. Ben Fontes will be the 2011 Nominating Committee Chair.

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