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Presentations from the African Biological Safety Association 2nd Annual Conference (March 7-11, 2011, Accra, Ghana)

The Benefits, Establishment, and Maintenance of a Biosafety Association(PDF 2.26MB) - Edward J. Stygar, III, MBA, CAE, Executive Director, American Biological Safety Association

Presentations from the ABSA Affiliate and Biosafety Association Workshop (Oct. 7, 2010, Denver)

David H. Silberman - ABSA Affiliate and Biosafety Association Workshop(PDF 376KB)

Ed Stygar - ABSA Affiliate and Biosafety Association Management Workshop (Powerpoint 616KB)

James Klenner - ABSA Affiliate & Biosafety Association Workshop (Powerpoint 248KB)

Jim Welch - The Importance of Collaboration and Networking for Biosafety (Powerpoint 888KB)

Robert P. Ellis - Leadership: The Volunteer Leader and Association Executive (Powerpoint 1.4MB)

M. Kuster, President EBSA 2010/2011 - Ashcloud 2010: EBSA learnings and experience

ABSA Technology Solutions for Biosafety Associations(PDF 1.1MB)

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