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Newsletter - 22 December 2014


22 December 2014
16 February 2015

Dear EBSA member,

At the close of this year I would like to inform you, for the last time in 2014, about what Council and the Working Groups have been working on.

New Administration Office/PCO
On the 4th of December Council had interviews with three potential providers. They were all very good and now we are in the process of negotiating with them on the issues that in our view fit the needs of EBSA best.

The plan is to decide in the beginning of January which provider shall support EBSA, so that our new partner can start slowly taking over in February or latest in March. The contract with Dechema will end on the 30th of June 2015. A smooth transition is therefore granted.

18th Annual Meeting of the European Biosafety Association

Orchestrating a (bio)safe world
21 - 22 April 2015: Pre-conference Courses
23 - 24 April 2015: Annual Conference; at the Austria Vienna Center

Have you already marked your calendars? Please forward the information about this Conference to your colleagues and friends working in the field of biosafety.

There are many interesting topics and you can find them on the website:

Kick-off for ISO Process for the conversion of CWA 15793:2011
The inaugural meeting of ISO/TC 212/JWG5, Laboratory biorisk management, is scheduled to take place in London, UK on 13 and 14 January 2015. The purpose is the conversion of CWA 15793:2011, Laboratory biorisk management, into an ISO deliverable applicable to laboratories and other organizations that handle, store or transport biological agents or toxins regardless of their source. This project has been approved as a joint activity with ISO/TC 34/SC 16 under ISO/TC 212 lead and can result is an ISO 35001 document. If you have questions regarding the process, please contact the chair of the EBSA CWA Strategy Task group, [email protected].

New Partnership Agreements
In the meantime EBSA got some additional Biosafety associations who signed the Partnership Agreement with us:

Association of Biosafety for Australia and New Zealand
Asociación Española de Bioseguridad
Institute for Diagnosis and Animal Health (Romania)
Pakistan Biological Safety Association
Société Française de Microbiologie
Ukrainian Biosafety Association.

On behalf of Council I wish you a Merry Christmas and lot of success in 2015!

With my very best regards,
Isabel Hunger

Isabel Hunger-Glaser, PhD
EBSA President 2014-2015

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